Intelligence Reports

Unlimited 2.5 Intelligence data

Intelligence reports are a premium feature! Sign up for a premium subscription for your Discord server.

2.5 collects data across all NFTs on the ETH blockchain. We can generate our detailed intelligence reports for any list of addresses or holders of any collection you're interested.

Projects use our intelligence reports to evaluate whitelist quality, collab sourced addresses, giveaway entries, community quality and other marketing activities.

Getting Started

The intelligence report dashboard is actively under construction 🚧.

For now, Premium users can open a ticket in our Discord server to get a report against any list of addresses or collection they want.

Report Details

The 2.5 Intelligence Report is a Google Sheet / XLSX file with aggregate and individualized address data.


The Summary page contains aggregate average and median stats on all addresses in the list. Comparison data with blue chip collections is also available.

Top Collections to compare to can be customized. Simply request specific collections to be compared when requesting your report!

Address Details

The Address Details page lists each address in the requested list along with their key stats, intelligence labels, and diamond hands / whale scores.

Portfolio / Lifetime NFTs

The Portfolio and Lifetime NFTs shows the top collections the list of addresses also owns.


How can I see the scores for any address?

Anyone can look up scores for any address on the Scores App on our website. You don't need to Premium to look up individual scores!

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