Paras Sales Bot

Getting started

Welcome! The 2.5 Intelligence Paras Sales bot gives you real-time sales for any collection in your Discord server.


Install the 2.5 Paras Sales Bot

In order to configure the bot, you will need at least kick permissions in the Discord server!

Required Permissions

  • View Channel

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Change Nickname

Quick start

  1. Find the URL of the collection you want to track. For example,

  2. To start tracking sales, use /track sales #channel url.

That's it! If you want to track more collections, use /track sales for each collection.


Below is a list of all commands for the Paras Sales Bot.

  • /show tracked sales Shows an overview of all your tracked Paras collections.

  • /show config Shows the entire bot configuration.

  • /track sales #SalesChannel Paras Collection URL Starts tracking the specified Paras collection in the specified Discord channel.

  • /untrack sales Paras Collection URL Stops tracking the specified Paras collection.

  • /set largepicture ON/OFF Makes the bot use large or small NFT pictures in the sales posts.

  • /set notificationrole @role Makes the bot ping a certain role whenever a sale is posted. If no role is supplied the current role will be cleared.

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