ENS Sales Bot

Track ENS sales across all marketplaces. Filter by over 100+ clubs

Getting started

Welcome! The 2.5 Intelligence ENS Sales Bot gives you real-time sales for ENS domain sales based on the categories you want to see.


Install the ENS Sales Bot

In order to configure the bot, you will need at least kick permissions in the Discord server!

Required Permissions

Make sure the bot has these permissions in the channel.

  • Read Messages

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Change Nickname

Important: The ENS Sales Bot role is created when you install the bot. Do not modify this role, or else the bot will not function correctly.

Quick Start

  1. To start tracking sales, use /track sales #channel ens-club and select your desired filter. You can also set a role to notify whenever there is a sale.

  2. For custom tracking filters, use /track custom


  • /help Shows the help docs (this site) for the bot.

  • /track sales #channel ens-club [@notify-role] Starts tracking the specified ENS club in the specified Discord channel. Over 100+ clubs available. You can also set a role to notify when there is a sale with the notify-role parameter.

  • /track sales #channel Track All Clubs Starts tracking all available ENS clubs.

  • /untrack sales ens-club Stops tracking the specified ENS club. This also allows you to also stop notifying the role associated with the club.

  • /show tracked sales Shows all clubs for which you follow sales.

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