🌟Custom Bots

Customize bot name, avatar, status, and footer for a branded experience

Custom branding is a premium feature! Sign up for a premium subscription for your Discord server.

Getting Started

Premium subscribers can customize the branding of bots.

Currently supported bots for customization:

  • NFT Sales & Listing Bot

  • NFT Wallet Tracker Bot

  • NFT Mint Bot

  • NFT ENS Sales Bot

  • Whitelist Manager Bot

Quick Start

  1. Click the New Application button.

  2. Give your application a name and agree with the Discord terms and developer policy.

  3. Click the app icon and select a picture for your application. (You will need this image again later.)

  4. Copy the Application ID and temporary save it somewhere. You will need this in a minute.

  5. Click the Bot tab on the left side of the page.

  6. Click Add Bot on the right side of the page.

  7. Select Yes, do it.

  8. Scroll down and turn on the 3 toggles in the Privileged Gateway Intents section. This is very important. Your bot may not work if you do not do this.

  9. Scroll up and click the Reset Token button.

  10. Confirm with Discord MFA if required.

  11. Copy your newly generated Bot Token. You will need this in a minute.

  12. See a video of the process above below.

  13. Visit the Customization Page in bot dashboard.

  14. Select the server you want this custom bot for.

  15. Select the Customize Bot button for the bot type that you want to customize.

  16. Fill in the Application id and Bot Token you saved from the earlier steps.

  17. Configure your desired customizations (Bot name, avatar, activity, footer,...) and click "Save".

  18. You're all set! In a matter of minutes your bot should be online and you'll receive an e-mail with instructions to install the bot into your server.

See an example of the customization page and a customized bot below.


In the 2.5 Whitelist Manager Bot, how can I customize the wallet submission panel?

Use the /configure command and select the "Submission panel title" and "Submission panel text" options.

Wick (or another security bot) keeps kicking my custom bot.

You need to whitelist the custom bot so Wick doesn't kick it.

The marketplace icons are showing as :opensea: or :blur: instead of the actual emojis

Please make sure the bot has the Manage Emoji and Stickers permission. The bot needs to create the marketplace icons in your server.

My custom bot isn't working; I'm seeing "The application did not respond"

Please make sure you have enabled the Privileged Gateway Intents as described in the Quick Start section of this page.

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