NFT Mint Bot

Track NFT mints globally. Filter by collection or smart labels

NEW: Track unlimited filters, customize the bot avatar, name, footer, and more with 2.5 Premium!

Getting started

Welcome! The 2.5 NFT Mint Bot sends real-time mint alerts in your Discord server. You can track a particular collection or use our advanced filters to track all mints.

NEW: 🎚️ Use the /dashboard command to configure the NFT image size the bot uses.

In addition, the bot can also send real-time summaries of the hottest mints every ten minutes and every hour.


Install the 2.5 NFT Mint Bot

Required Permissions

Make sure the bot has these permissions.

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Change Nickname

Important: The 2.5 NFT Mint Bot role is created when you install the bot. Do not modify this role, or else the bot will not function correctly.

Quick start

The easiest way to configure the bot is to use the bot dashboard. Access the dashboard with /dashboard.

Tracking mints for a collection

  1. Find the contract address of the collection you want to track (available on Etherscan). For example, the contract address for Doodles is 0x8a90CAb2b38dba80c64b7734e58Ee1dB38B8992e.

  2. In the channel you want to receive alerts, use /track <contract address>. That's it! If you want to track more collections, use /track for each collection.

Tracking global mints (with filters)

With /track you can filter by <portfolio-size>, <label>, and <free-or-paid>. See Commands for more details.

Configuring image size (🎚️ Bot dashboard only)

By default, the bot uses large NFT images. You can change the bot to use small images on the bot dashboard. Use the /dashboard command to access the bot dashboard.

Managing trackers

  1. Use /list-tracked to see which filters and collections the bot is tracking in the channel. The list will include the filter IDs of each tracker.

2. Use /untrack <filter-id> to untrack a filter or collection in the channel.

Show mint summary

  1. Use /show-summary. Every 10 minutes the bot will show the top 3 mints, and every hour the bot will show the top 10 mints. /unshow-summary will turn off summaries in the channel.



  • Show a link to this documentation.


  • Stackable filters

    • <contract-address>

      Receive mints for the collection at <contract address> in the channel where this command is run.

    • <portfolio-size>

      Filter for minimum minter wallet size (ETH).

    • <label>

      Filter for certain labels. See 2.5 Intelligence Labels.

    • <free-or-paid>

      Filter for free or paid mints.


  • List the current global filters and individual collections tracked in the channel where this command is run.

/untrack <filter-id>

  • Stop receiving mints for the filter ID (format #ABCDE). Use /list-tracked to see all filter IDs.


  • Show a summary of the top 3 mints every 10 minutes. Summaries on the hour show the top 10.


  • Turn off summaries in the channel.


  • Set the role that is notified whenever a new mint is received.


  • Clear the role that is notified whenever a new mint is received.

Questions and Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

The bot isn't sending any messages!

Make sure the bot has these permissions in the channel you configured it to post to.

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