NFT News Bot

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Getting started

Welcome! The 2.5 NFT News Bot sends you the latest NFT news from Lucky Trader in your Discord server.


Install the 2.5 NFT News Bot

In order to configure the bot, you will need at least Manage Server permissions in the Discord server!

Required Permissions

Make sure the bot has these permissions in the channel you'd like to receive news.

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Change Nickname

Important: The 2.5 NFT News Bot role is created when you install the bot. Do not modify this role, or else the bot will not function correctly.

Quick start

  1. Subscribe to news with /news subscribe #channel. If you want to notify a role whenever news is posted, use /news subscribe #channel @role.

That's it!


  • /help Shows the help docs (this site) for the bot.

  • /news subscribe #channel [@role] Subscribe to news in the specified #channel, and ping @role whenever news is posted. @role is optional. You can only subscribe to news in one channel. If you have a notification role and you'd like to remove it, run /news subscribe #channel and leave the @role blank.

  • /news unsubscribe Unsubscribe to news.

Questions and Feedback

I subscribed to news, but the bot hasn't posted any news articles.

The bot attempted to send a news article but did not have permissions to send in the channel, so the bot automatically unsubscribed from news. Check that the bot has permission to send messages and embed links. Then use /news subscribe again.

Where does the 2.5 NFT News Bot get its news?

The bot posts news from Lucky Trader.

For live support, please become a premium user.

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