NFT Stats & Info Bot

Check stats of an OpenSea collection

Getting started

Welcome! The 2.5 Intelligence NFT Stats & Info bot gives all the NFT information you could need, right in your Discord server.


Install the NFT Stats & Info Bot

Quick start

Once the bot has been invited you can simply use the /help command to view all commands or check below.

With /searchsearch text you can search OpenSea collection names and the bot will return the slug for all known, matching collections. The slug is needed in order to use the /stats and /view commands

The /statsslug command shows you most of the OpenSea status for the specified collection.

The /floorsearch text command searched for all known collection floors for the provided name or slug. You can enter part of the collection name or slug. The bot will attempt to find them all. You can search by collection name so you don't have to know the collection slug!

The /viewslug tokenId command shows you a specific NFT from a collection and its traits.


  • /search search text Shows found collections and their slugs matching your search.

  • /stats (slug) Shows OpenSea stats for the provided collection slug

  • /floor search text Shows floor data for all collections matching your search.

  • /view tokenid (slug) Shows the specified NFT in the channel.

  • /lock-slug slug Sets a default collection slug so users don't have to specify one every time they use /stats or /view commands.

  • /unlock-slug Removes the default collection slug

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