Whitelist Manager Bot

Collect wallet addresses from your community

NEW: Customize the whitelist bot with your own branding! Custom bot avatar, name, logos, submission panel title and text. For 2.5 Premium subscribers only.

This is our newest bot for collecting wallets. It replaces the older NFT Whitelist Wallet Bot. Do not use the older bot at the same time as it may cause this bot to function incorrectly.

New features

  • Customization & whitelabeling. Fully customize the bot avatar, name, logos, submission panel title and panel text.

  • Multiple whitelists. Create multiple whitelists for your different collections and giveaways.

  • Easier configuration. Configure the whitelist and send the wallet submission panel from just one command.

Getting started

Welcome! The 2.5 Whitelist Manager Bot lets you collect the wallets for your NFT collection's whitelisted members with the greatest ease!


Install the 2.5 Whitelist Manager Bot

When the bot is installed, Discord will create a role called 2.5 Whitelist Manager Bot. Do not edit this role.

If at any point you accidentally modify the bot role, please make sure the bot has the following permissions:

  • View Channels

  • Manage Roles

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Attach Files

  • Change Nickname

How to use this bot

The 2.5 Whitelist Manager Bot makes it very simple to collect your whitelisted users' wallet addresses.

You'll first need to figure out the requirements for your users to get on the whitelist. For example achieve a certain activity level in your Discord server; or invite some number of people to your server.

Once you have determine your whitelist requirements, create the role(s) that users will receive once they have met the requirements. These are the Whitelisted Roles that you'll set in the bot.

Next, follow our Quick start guide to set up the bot so that the users who meet the requirements can submit their wallets.

Quick start

  1. Create a new whitelist with the /configure command.

  2. Select a channel for wallet submission and set the bot's whitelist channel to that channel. This channel should only be accessible to whitelisted users.

  3. (Advised) Set the blockchain your project is on. Setting a blockchain allows the bot to validate the format of every submitted address and reject invalid addresses. Additionally, for ETH, MATIC, and SOL, setting the blockchain allows you to configure a minimum balance required for users to submit their wallets.

  4. (Optional) Set whitelisted roles, the roles that are eligible to submit their wallets. These are the roles that should have access to the whitelist channel.

Once you have set your whitelist roles and started collecting, do not remove a role! You can add roles but always include the previous roles in the list!

5. (Optional) Set the wallet submitted role, the role that users will receive when they successfully submit their wallets.

6. (Optional) Set the wallet admin role. Wallet admins can use additional commands. See the commands section for more info.

7. There are many other settings you can configure. For example, you can require a minimum wallet balance (ETH, MATIC, SOL only), set a maximum number of wallets to collect (for the entire whitelist). See the commands section for more info. To view your current configuration, you can use the /viewconfig command.

8. When your whitelist settings look good, send the whitelist submission panel to the whitelist channel. (You can also use the /send-submissionpanel command.) Your users can click the buttons in the panel to submit and check their wallet address.

9. To download your collected wallets, use the /download-wallets command. You have three options: a simple list of addresses, a list with in-depth information (Discord id, username, and so on) and a full 2.5 Intelligence report in Google Sheets.


General commands


Shows the bot documentation (i.e. this site).

Configuration (Server admins only)


Creates a new whitelist or configures settings for an existing whitelist.

The settings you can configure:

  • Whitelist channel: Sets the Discord channel in which wallets wil be collected.

  • Blockchain: Sets the blockchain for which wallets will be collected.

  • Add whitelisted roles: Add roles that are eligible to submit their wallet.

  • Remove whitelisted roles: Remove roles that are eligible to submit their wallet.

  • Whitelist status (Open/Closed): Open or close submission for the whitelist.

  • Maximum wallets (Total for entire whitelist): Limit the total number of wallets that can be collected for this list. (First come first served.) Each user can submit one wallet.

  • Delete wallet if a user leaves the server?: When turned on this will delete submitted wallets from people who leave the server.

  • Wallet admin role: Set a role for admin access to this whitelist.

  • Minimum wallet balance (ETH/Matic/SOL): Require users to have at least this amount in their wallet to submit their wallets.

  • Wallet submitted role: Set the role that people will receive after they submit their wallet.

  • Submission panel title: Customize the wallet submission panel title.

  • Submission panel text: Customize the wallet submission panel text.

  • Change name: Change the name of the whitelist.

  • Reset: Reset all settings, all wallets, or both.

  • Delete whitelist: Delete the selected whitelist.

Other commands for server admins

/download-auditlog Downloads the audit log for a specified whitelist. Audit logs contain records for every use of the /add-wallet and /remove-wallet commands.

Commands for wallet admins

/add-wallet whitelist @user Wallet Address Adds or changes the wallet in the specified whitelist for the specified user. Logs the action to the audit logs.

/remove-wallet whitelist @user Removes the wallet in the specified whitelist for the specified user. Logs the action to the audit logs.

/count-wallets Shows you have many wallets have been submitted for each whitelist.

/viewconfig Shows you the configuration for a specified whitelist.

/download-wallets Sends a file to the channel with all the collected wallets for a specified whitelist. Full reports are deleted in 90 days. Please download them if you'd like to save them.

/send-submissionpanel Sends the whitelist submission panel for a specified whitelist to the whitelist channel.

/bulk-import Imports a list of wallets into a separate list. Users can use the /check command to see if their wallet is in that list or in the normal bot colleced list of wallets. (Useful for wallets not collected through the bot)

This list from the /bulk-import command will NOT be downloaded with the /download-wallets command. It's for checking only!

In order for the bot to grant users the wallet submitted role, the NFT Whitelist Wallet Bot role must be higher than the wallet submitted role.

For a more in depth configuration, check out the GIF below.

Questions and Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I disconnect my Twitter account and connect a different one?

Use the /disconnect-twitter command.

The bot complains about missing permissions. How can I fix this?
How many wallets can I collect?

You can collect up to 100 wallets as a free user. Upgrade to a premium subscription to collect an unlimited number of wallets.

Can I have multiple whitelist roles?

Yes. And when you download the wallets, the bot will generate a separate file for each role.

Can I post the submission panel in multiple channels?

No, but you can create multiple whitelists and have separate submission panels in different channels for each list.

A user can't submit his/her wallet

The user might be using an outdated version of the Discord mobile app. Ask the user to update his/her app.

How can I download the wallets in .csv or Excel format?

Rename the file from <x>.txt to <x>.csv. Then you can open the file in Excel. Also, if you download the "Detailed List," the files will be CSVs by default.

Can I import a list of wallets I collected elsewhere?

Yes. A premium subscription is required. Please join our Discord server and open a #support ticket. āš ļø If your wallets do not have Discord user IDs associated with them, the bot won't be able to ensure that a user doesn't submit two wallets (one wallet from your imported list, and one wallet through the bot).

Verified wallet role permissions error

"Your wallet has been recorded but I couldn't assign you the verified wallet role"

In order for the bot to grant users the wallet submitted role, the NFT Whitelist Wallet Bot role must be higher than the wallet submitted role.

Please go to Server Settings > Roles, and drag the "NFT Whitelist Wallet Bot" role above the wallet submitted role.

For live support, please become a premium user.

Are you enjoying the bot?

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