2.5 NFT Verification Bot

Verify your community NFT holdings and assign them roles for each NFT held
This bot cannot yet be invited in your server. Stay tuned.

Perform wallet verification

Click the Start Verification button to add a wallet.
Select an existing verified which wallet you want to use for this server or add a new one.
Enter your ENS name or wallet address and click Submit
Select a verification method. Right now we support OpenSea verification or signing a message on our website. If possible users should always use the OpenSea verification.

Wallet verification through OpenSea

Copy and paste the website link the bot gives you into the Links field on the OpenSea page. Then click the Save button. Return to the bot and click the Finish Verification Button
Upon completing verification you'll be assigned any holder roles if applicable. (This might take a couple of minutes) You can now go back into your OpenSea profile and remove the link from the links field.

Wallet verification through our website

The ONLY valid websites the bot can lead you to are below. If for any reason the bot would lead you to another website, do not open the website, do not interact with the bot and tell an admin.
https://2.5.dev https://thebakery.gg
Select a method to connect. (Mostly MetaMask)
If you are holding any NFTs for the specific project you'll be given a holder role. (This might take a couple of minutes)