Custom API Key

Because of Twitter API changes in April 2023, Custom API Keys are now required to use the Twitter Sales Bot

This guide will go over how to sign up and configure a custom Twitter API key for your bot.

You can use any Twitter account to get an API key, it does not need to be your sales bot's Twitter account.

Twitter's new API plans limit you to 1,500 tweets per month (Free plan) or 100 tweets per day ($100 Basic plan). If you need more tweets, the enterprise option costs over $20K/month.

  1. Create a project and create an app under the project and note the API Key, API Key Secret, and Bearer Token. Make sure the app is under a project and not a standalone app. The bot will not work for standalone apps. Store these safely! You'll need them in a later step.

  2. If your keys are configured correctly, you'll be redirected to connect your Twitter to the new app. Once connected, you're sales bot is now running running on its custom key! IMPORTANT Connect the Twitter account that you wish for sales tweets to appear on.

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